Business South May 2021

South Island’s leading importer of quality outdoor ceramics Decades of experience in the global ceramics market has paved the way to Leighs Marketing Ltd becoming established as the South Island’s most trusted importer and wholesaler of quality pots, planters, jars and other outdoor garden products. Leighs Marketing was established in 1986 and Tom and Denise Leighs have worked through many changes and innovations, which continue to the present day. With a sister company operating in the North Island – Willory Agencies – their in luence on the pottery market nationwide has been considerable. Together, they are the main suppliers of terracotta planters in New Zealand. In spite of Covid-related challenges, these popular pots are still the mainstay of the domestic garden planter market. From a customer perspective, their long experience in the market is an assurance of quality. Unlike other importers with less market familiarity, Leighs Marketing meticulously avoids products that are not suitable for outdoor use in the South Island and design pots tailored to local conditions. “We pride ourselves on only stocking top quality products that suit the South Island climate,” says Tom Leighs. “We’re agents for all the best manufacturers - our range equals anything in the world.” Leighs Marketing closely follows what’s trending in the ever-changing home and garden market and supplement this with their own design lair. New additions include their mobile backyard chimineas. These self-contained outdoor ires are a chic outdoor addition and make excellent pizza ovens and barbecues. “Our new range of planters – shaped like Kombi vans, Land Rovers and Minis - have been popular too; we love to supply what we call ‘The art in gardens’!” Driving this company forward is a passion for product innovation in design and materials. This commitment can be seen in how Leighs Marketing responded to the recent Victoria Street upgrade project in Christchurch. The upgrade has restored this popular area of the CBD following the Canterbury earthquakes. Leighs made a positive impact through the supply of high standard composite material planters. “We worked with ‘Pietro’, the world’s leading Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRFC) planter manufacturer to craft the planters to the Council’s requirements.” Large planters are a real forte, with the biggest being 1.8m wide and 1.2m tall. These come with forklift valleys in the base so they can be moved even when planted with a tall tree. “We are also the largest supplier of fountains and water features in New Zealand with some reaching 3.5m tall.” As well as working closely with Christchurch City Council, Leighs Marketing has strong working relationships with garden designers, plant hire companies and developers. We are the largest importer and wholesaler of pots, planters, jars & garden accents in the South Island The Art in Gardens 027 430 8877 leighsmarketingltd_wholesale