Business North May 2021

| 99 BUILDING Licensed Renovations Variety is the spice of life Licensed Renovations is working on this substantial renovation in Grey Lynn. L icensed Renovations Ltd is proudly owned and operated by managing direc- tor Russell Clark who is Auckland based. They specialise in residential bungalow and villa renovations. “Its all about the diversity of work that goes on with a renovation,” says Russell. “My team get the opportunity as carpenters to work on a wide variety of interesting pro- jects, using their skills that they have learned in the trade to transform damp, draughty old houses into warm, dry healthy homes.” “Often in renovations we need to build our own frames, we may install insulation and plasterboard. “We get a wide variety of work, hone prob- lem solving techniques and skills. “Generally in a new build each task is contracted out separately ie. framing, precut, prenail faming, footings, foundations etc. “One size certainly does not fit all. With some of these old buildings you need to build and adapt as you go. You need to think on your feet.” Along with Russell and a team of experi- enced carpenters and apprentices is Quantity Surveyor, Peter Chen. Peter and Russell have worked together for 13 years. Russell describes their personality types as ‘chalk and cheese’. “It works extremely well. Getting quantities right in renovation work is really demanding as there is always an element of the unknown. “Peter has great capability in this discipline as he too is a Licensed Building Practitioner, making him and skill set a huge asset to our team” The company currently has a couple of compelling projects underway; one in Kingsland and another in Grey Lynn; the latter a substantial renovation. This is a high-end renovation, adding in new kitchen, bathrooms, ensuite, rewiring, re-roofing, landscaping etc, while at the same time retaining the character and integrity of the 120-year-old villa. Russell is convinced that key to the com- pany’s success is an ability to appreciate the distinction between what you know and what you don’t know and to ask the right questions in the very early conversations around a project. “We work with the client’s budget and we’re up front and honest that the scope of work and budget have to match. Sue Russell If we can see they won’t we’ll say at the start and help them adapt their vision,” says Russell. “Our point of difference is the ability to offer our clients a detailed early stage preliminary budget where we match their budget and scope of works before expensive plans, coun- cil fees etc are considered. “Early stage budgets give everyone surety that the budget is workable and allows time for changes.” Russell’s passion is training and mentoring young people coming through the industry. “I think it’s vital that while young people to the sector are acquiring their building skills and qualifications they are also mentored in management with the future prospect of owing their own business.” He’s pleased to see the apprenticeship scheme is under reform. In his opinion, Russell feels breaking down the qualification into modules which can “We work with the client’s budget and we’re up front and honest that the scope of work and budget have to match. If we can see they won’t we’ll say at the start and help them adapt their vision.” be recognised by their employers along the journey of their apprenticeship is essential in assessing full carpentry qualification. There should be different variations of qualifications for commercial, residential new builds and renovation carpentry. A final but very important message Russell has is that he believes we all have an obliga- tion as owners to ensure the future of the building industry. “We need to get behind our men and wom- en and encourage and inspire them to be a part of this very rewarding industry.” • W e build custom-sized kitchens for builders at sensible prices. • Our advice and design service is free of charge • W e can take your clients through the planning process • 7 kitchens on display in our 7 day showroom for convenience Proud supply partner of Licensed Renovations Open 7 Days 09 271 3131 • 0508 GET LECK (0508 438 532) RE S I DENT I A L | COMMERC I A L Leck Electrical are proud to support Russell, Peter and the team at Licensed Renovations