Business North March 2021

| 55 Arcwell - ahead of the game T Kelly Deeks Arcwell Engineering provides engineering services to a broad cross section of local industries, including contractors, local authorities, construction companies, and builders. Arcwell Engineering ENGINEERING W hangarei’s Arcwell Engineering is staying ahead of the game with a recent drive towards gaining Heavy Engineering Research Association (HERA) certi- fication, which ensures certified New Zealand fabricators manufacture structural steelworks according to international best practice. Arcwell Engineering business development manager Eamon Garton says the company is now 60 years old, initially active in the machin- ing market, then focused more towards the structural and construction side of engineer- ing for the past 10 years. “There was quite a need in the market which we could fill, and fill with high quality engineering,” he says. “We are now working towards our steel certification to give our customers a greater sense of the quality work we can provide,” says Eamon. “We want to keep ahead of the game and give our customers peace of mind.” Arcwell Engineering provides engineering services to a broad cross section of local industries, including contractors, local author- ities, construction companies, builders, and individuals who have an engineering problem they need to solve. “Every product can be engineered to per- fectly suit your needs, meaning you always get exactly what you want,” Eamon says. With a range of personnel making up Arcwell Engineering’s staff of 12, including tradesmen, certified welders, welding super- visors, welding inspectors, and apprentices, Arcwell Engineering clients can expect excel- lent workmanship every time, while the com- pany trains the next generation of engineers. “We are committed to training apprentices, and we’re also offering work experience to engineering students in their summer breaks. “Last summer we took on a second year student and offered them a chance to be involved in the practical side of the engineer- ing industry and the things they are going to be designing in the future. We’ll be looking for another student this summer, someone reliable with a good work ethic.” Eamon says the designing and planning technology available today is helping things to run a lot more seamlessly on the job site. Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software are being used more and more by Arcwell Engi- neering. “Everything is working together,” Eamon says. “You’ve got your architects, your elec- tricians, and your HVAC all using compatible modelling software, allowing for easier com- munication between all parts of the construc- tion process.” Arcwell Engineering has recently complet- ed its largest project to date, providing 65 tonnes of structural steel for the construction of a new building for the Salvation Army in Whangārei. Stepping in to the project when it was already behind on the construction schedule, Arcwell Engineering helped to get the project over the line by planning well and working hard. “This was a significant step up from our last project, and it went very well. We got to prove our capabilities.” BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms. © 2020 BDO. All rights reserved. Proud to support Arcwell Engineering Limited with all their business development and advisory services. BDO Northland Audit | Tax | Advisory 09 946 0092 First Blast 2020 Ltd First Blast are proud to be associated with Arcwell Engineering