Business North December / January 2021

54 | China connection provides certainty T Richard Loader China Forestry Group NZ Chief Operating Officer, Steve Walker, left, and Paul Campbell – Port Operations Manager for ISO at New Plymouth TIMBER INDUSTRY - NZFOA China Forestry Group NZ W hen language, cultural and politi- cal differences intersect between countries, navigating the challenges of international business must prevail and one company that has deftly handled those challenges is China Forestry Group NZ Ltd (CFGNZ). Owned by Chinese SOE China Forestry Group, the forestry arm of the Chinese Central Government, CFGNZ made its first foray into New Zealand in 2013 with the acquisition of 13,600 hectares of forest from the New Zea- land Super Fund. While enabling visibility as a New Zealand owner, the acquisition also introduced the business to its community, social and environ- mental responsibilities as a responsible forest owner. The initial acquisition led to a further pur- chase of 13,000 hectares of Mahoe forest in 2016 from US based Global Forest Partners, turning CFGNZ from a small to midsize partic- ipant in the New Zealand forestry sector - and giving it the scale to recruit staff including Chief Operating Officer Steve Walker. Now owning or managing 30,000 hectares of forestry from Wellington to Waitangi, CFGNZ’s role is to maximise the value of the forests through growing the trees to their full potential, then harvesting and marketing them to realise that maximum commercial value. “Most of our forest management is coor- dinated on our behalf by professional forest management companies,” says Steve. “On average 35% of our volume is sold into the domestic market - varying upon region - with the balance being exported.” T to page 57 Proudly harvesting for China Forestry Group Please contact Mike Duckett on DDI. 07 921 7260 E. W. PF Olsen is NZ’s largest nationwide independent professional forestry services company. We specialise in assisting farmers with forestry offsetting projects and carbon and nutrient mitigation through tree planting. PF Olsen: proudly supporting China Forestry Group