Business North March 2021

| 53 Waterworks Irrigation completes a wide variety of projects including irrigation systems, rain harvesting and filtration, water features and pumps. CONTRACTING Waterworks Irrigation DRIP EZE Ideal for conserving water Available at Waterworks TORO Drip Eze provides a precise, low flow watering solution for a range of landscaping applications. Water is applied at a slow, consistent rate through evenly spaced drip emitters, allowing it to penetrate the root zone and reduce water wastage. Easy to install | 0800 807 333 Extruded in-line drip tube Minimises run off and water wastage Suitable for all soil types Waters & Farr is recognised as a market leader in New Zealand manufactured, quality, plastic pipe systems including the Bosspipe® twinwall polypropylene drainage system and solid wall polyethylene pressure pipe and drainage system. 0800 923 7473 • LowDensity Polyethylene Pipe • MediumDensity Polyethylene Pipe • Farmboss Corrugated Culvert