Business North November 2020

80 | FULL TIME OR PART TIME DATA? If you’ve ever had to be in three places at once, you know how important mobile data is. Our Endless Mobile Plans for Business come with endless data, to help you work wherever you need to be. And with nationwide Business Hub support, you’ll always speak to a local when you need some help. 7R ğQG RXW PRUH FRQWDFW \RXU ORFDO 6SDUN %XVLQHVV +XE or call us on 0800 Business. Allocated data at max speed, then speeds reduce to 1.2 Mbps, this will impact your experience. No tethering or hotspots. Standard NZ & Aus numbers. MMS (e.g. picture messaging) and non-data video calling excluded. GET ENDLESS MOBILE FOR BUSINESS FIND YOUR BUSINESS EDGE